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Tuesday, 18-Jun-2013 09:52 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Make moving house easier with plastic crates

Stairs are always a problem when it comes to moving house. Many people find it difficult and very tiring having to carry their items up and down flights of stairs. If you are looking for a way to make transporting your items a little easier, you may want to think about hiring special Stair carry crates. These are much smaller than standard plastic crates, making it easier to carry them up and down stairs. Stair carry crates come with a lid so that you can keep all of your personal items safe and secure. They also have a handle mechanism that can be collapsed when you need to store the crate in your removal van. If you are looking for packaging that will make moving house that little bit easier, then you definitely need to hire these specially designed crates. You will be surprised at the difference they can make to your move!

Tuesday, 14-May-2013 09:42 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Cardboard boxes vs. crates – moving house packaging

Choosing the right packaging when you are moving house is extremely important. Not only do you to need to make sure you have enough packaging but you also need to make sure that it will support your items and keep them safe. Although many people choose to use cardboard boxes, these are not always the safest and most protective option. The advantage is that they can be recycled afterwards, however they often collapse if you put too many items inside them and if they somehow get wet during your move then you may find some of your items arrive damaged. A better option is crate hire. You can hire plastic crates that have been specifically designed to carry items in your house, like your computer, laptop or television. Crate hire is cost effective as you only pay for the days you borrow the crates and they can be conveniently picked up once you have finished unpacking them at your new home.

Tuesday, 16-Apr-2013 08:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Avoiding the Hell of moving an Office

If you are looking for ways to make your office move a little easier, why not consider plastic crate hire? Although cardboard boxes will do the job, they are often a little flimsy and unreliable. If you are transporting a lot of expensive office equipment to your new premises, it really isn’t worth putting it at risk from damage. Plastic crate hire will give you peace of mind as you can be certain that all of your expensive office equipment will be packaged up safely and securely. No matter how bumpy the journey is to your new office premises, your computer equipment will remain free from damage. Whilst looking into renting crates you may also want to think about hiring additional accessories such as keyboard bags and security seals. These will ensure that your keyboards, wires and computer mice travel to your new office safely, preventing them from getting lost or damaged.

Thursday, 28-Mar-2013 11:07 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Packing accessories include things like marker pens

If you want your office moving day to run smoothly then it will take a lot of planning. As well as arranging a removal van, workers and packaging, you will also need to think about the little things like packing accessories. These small accessories can make a huge difference to the success of your move. packing accessories include things like marker pens, sticky labels and plastic ties. If you want to make the unpacking process easier you will need to mark your boxes using the pens or sticky labels. You should write on the boxes where you want them to be placed so your removal workers know where to put them. You should also write a general note of what is in the boxes, especially if they contain any fragile or high value items. If your office has a lot of computer hardware you will also need to think about using screen protectors and keyboard bags. These will help keep your items safe and protected during the move to your new office.

Thursday, 7-Mar-2013 17:31 Email | Share | | Bookmark
What to think about renting handling equipment

If you have made the wise decision to hire plastic crates to use on your moving day, you may also what to think about renting handling equipment. Although plastic crates are great for transporting all kinds of items, they can get really heavy, making them difficult to lift. Rather than putting your back up trying to pick up heavy crates, why not consider renting handling equipment. This includes items like rubber topped skates which you can load your crates onto, enabling you to wheel them in and out of the building with ease. Using skates will also quicken up the moving process as you will be able to transport more than one crate at a time. If you have a lot of heavy items to move like sofas, desks and wardrobes you will definitely benefit from hiring special moving equipment that can be dropped off on your moving day and picked up once you are done.

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